Common massage types that you should know

Today’s world is full of very stressful conditions. A massage can be a wonderful way to relax and help get rid of the stress and headache. Massage is necessary for sports people as well. This is because their muscles are prone to wear and tear which may harm them. There are other numerous benefits of massage that one can get including the relaxation, reducing tension in the muscles, getting rid of strain and muscle soreness and stop the formation of scarring tissue among others. The following are the common massage types that you should know before going to a massage therapist. This will help you in making your decision on the type of massage.

Common massage types that you should know

Sports massage

gfhfhjktryrtytryrtytrytrytrySports are good for your health, but they may be tough on one’s muscles. This is because the body is often pushed beyond its limit. This results in the production of tissues but may as well cause pain. Sports massage are divided into two pre-activity and post-activity sports massage. Pre-activity massage is meant to help the body warm up and stretch before all activities are done.

This is instrumental since it helps prevent injury during the sports as well as improving the overall performance of the sportsperson. Post-activity massage, on the other hand, is mainly for promoting the production of tissue and reducing the pain. This type of massage is good for encouraging the flow of blood to the muscles while also helping the tissues repair themselves.

Therapeutic massage

In today’s life, one can never avoid being stressed. This will often manifest in the muscles and our minds. Stress can make the muscles tight hence cause restricted movement. Therapeutic massage is meant to help the mind relax so that one is relieved of their stress.

Shiatsu massage

This type of massage originates from the Japanese. It is meant to help one stretch and also works to manipulate the joints. It also helps in circulating blood and flow of lymph in the whole body. This is important as it helps the body in healing itself and boosting the immune system which helps the body stay healthy and free of diseases.

Trigger point massage

Trigger points in the body are muscle spots which cause pain to the other parts of the body. The main work of the massage therapist is finding the exact trigger point and massage them to help the body relax as well as get rid of the pain. For instance, neck pain may be caused by a strain in one of the many neck muscles.

Deep tissue massage

fdgdgdfgertertThis is a very intensive kind of massage. It requires deep pressure to be applied to the muscles for it to reach the deeper tissues. It is very different from the other types of massage since it is not rhythmic. However, this does not make it any less therapeutic. It is meant to reach the other areas that are below the skin surface.

Swedish massage

This type of massage is the most common. It is done by kneading the muscles combined with rhythmic strokes. This helps in relieving tension and loosening muscles.


Things You Need To Know About Childhood Obesity

The incidence of childhood obesity and its consequent risks have constantly been hyped through various forms of media. There have been rumors for governmental and social changes, but apart from exaggerated reactions, the fact of the matter is that obesity has become all too common among children due to the increase in availability and the lowered costs of food particularly in Western countries.

The emergence of fast food establishments like McDonald’s, KFC serving super-size portions have made sure that many will consume too many calories and invariably overeat.

The Lifestyle Of The Children

Comparative studies indicate that lifestyles today are more sedentary than they have ever been over the past decades particularly with the popularity of computer and Internet activities that children and teenagers spend a lot of time indulging in. The number of hours of physical activity has declined immensely as children spend all their constructive time either talking on the phone, glued to the Internet or watching television.

Rise Of Obesity Among Children

The result is that children are heavier and less healthy than they were a few decades ago. The consumption of foods rich in sugars and trans fat and low in essential proteins, fiber, fruits, and vegetables have been the major contributors to the alarming rise of obesity among children.

Measurements That Is Used To Determine Obesity Levelsgvdegve

Owing to their rapidly changing bodies and metabolic rates, measurement of obesity is done differently for children. Their BMI (Body Mass Index) is combined with their age and gender to produce a more accurate picture of their obesity levels as children often experience growth spurts that would normally skew any measurement of BMI if it’s used alone to determine obesity levels.

Comparison Between Males And Females body

Percentage of body fat is another important measurement which differs by sex. Normally a boy would be identified as obese if his body fat was 25% or more in comparison to his total body weight whereas for girls their body fat should be 32% or more than their total body weight.

A major reason for this difference in body fat is because females are naturally inclined to have a higher body fat percentage throughout their lives as compared to males. A healthy and fit male would normally have a body fat of 15% whereas for women the figures are roughly 27%.

Exercise To Lose Weight

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the main contributors to successful weight loss though it involves a certain change in one’s lifestyle. However, if imbibed in children at an early age, these healthy habits are maintained as they grow into their teens and eventually adulthood.

Therefore, the key is to develop a healthy and fit lifestyle at a young age so that it is easier to maintain as one grows older.


How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Nearly every single individual has had a headache to some degree, whether it is mild or one that’s lasted several days. For a few people getting rid of that headache means reaching for the closest packet of paracetamol, while some could try to overlook it and just wait till it subsides. There are a few extra ways in which can aid in eliminating the agony that is brought on by headaches without using any drugs to aid it along.

There are many techniques in how to get rid of a headache and right here are a few examples, which you read over and decide if you desire to try them out on your own.

Use Of A Cold Compresshbvfhfvfh

The first method can be to make use of a cold compress and a Taking a hot shower like down. You can get ready made pouches which contain a liquid so that you can keep them in the fridge and use very quickly, or you can just use a flannel soaked in tepid water. Placed upon the head and around the eyes, it can not only supply some relief but also aids to keep you cool. As you will have to lie down to do this, you will unwind thus loosing up any tensions. Preferably this should be done in a peaceful and tranquil room, with dimmed lights, it is no good to carry out this when kids are running around!

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water can also help, as most of the time, a headache can easily be caused on account of dehydration. A simple however effective means of hoping to get rid of that headache, it may just begin to take the edge off. However, it is undoubtedly well worth a shot.

Taking A Hot Shower

ygyfgrygTaking a hot shower or bath is additionally one additional approach to relieving a headache. Not only will the dampness from the air and the steam unblock the air tract but also helps you to relieve tension that may be accumulated. The heat of the water upon your back, neck and face will even aid to relax you, and this is the vital issue in trying to decrease that headache. Utilizing essential oils on the bath, or maybe burning several aromatherapy candles can also help with the relaxation. There are special oils that are said to help get rid of a headache, visiting a local specialist may help if you suffer continuously.


Last but not least some headaches can be because of the worries we all place on yourself when working way too much, running around after every person and also what we eat. Trying to take a couple of breaks during the day especially a computer break, can help to minimize it. Making sure you receive a lot of clean air and sunlight within these periods and also drinking that water. And if we understand a particular food item sets those headaches off the attempt to not eat them. Having a healthy diet plan can also help.