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Great Games You Can Play on Your PC

In virtually every game in the C&C series, players can assemble a technologically complex faction, fight for resources, and defeat enemies in extreme real-time conflicts. You can use GamersSuffice for the best PC emulator, so you can play the game you like.

Tom Clancy and C&C Red Alert

Game Addict There are several Command and Conquer type games printed for the PC. Most of the games covered in this hub share some attributes with early real-time strategy games, such as plot, gameplay, and tactical capabilities. The game delivers heartbreaking moments in a couple of grueling missions with a plot straight out of a Tom Clancy novel and incredible cinematic cutscenes. Immediate action’s introductory cinematic trailer clarifies what players can expect in the approach: hostage scenarios, global terrorism, and robust offices plotting to overthrow governments.

Game PCThe 14-mission attempt is full of twists and turns, and though many missions seem a bit far-fetched, it offers a wonderful Hollywood-style setting. While the game sticks to an old-school RTS, it brings some very revolutionary elements that make it more fun and engaging. C&C Red Alert, along with a few other military program games, introduced the “what if” position of the Cold War. Like any other RTS game, EndWar allows you to control upgradeable military elements. The traditional RTS concept may disappoint players, as it leaves little room for the plot, but the game is still fun and may be suitable for people familiar with hotkey-dependent RTS combat.

Supreme Commander 2 and WorldShift

Gaming There are tons of machines to build and control. The mechanical marvels, extravagant in design and performance, cause immense damage to enemy units and buildings. Supreme Commander 2 (SC 2) is relatively easy to play and includes the tedious upgrade procedure. On the other hand, single-player missions are boring since they don’t have an open ending. The natural charm lies in the fascinating online multiplayer conflicts, where you have the freedom to plan your attack. The game gets an extra point for its emphasis on strategy.

This spin-off of the most famous historical real-time strategy game presents a new selection of civilizations. Each technologically advanced culture draws inspiration from past civilizations and myths. Everything from the unit graphics to the environment is beautifully designed. The campaign missions are very entertaining and hold many surprises for fantasy lovers.

The WorldShift undergoes a complete transformation. Giant creatures and plants straight out of Doctor Who or Star Trek episodes, assault units, giant mushrooms, along a whole range of strange creatures populate the new Earth. The developers haven’t tried anything new in the RTS landscape. The single-player attempt is linear and rather unexciting, although the multiplayer game modes are fresh and explore some features with MMORPGs.